Autumn's Hold Picture

I finally have an actual finished work of Camus and Phyrra. Autumn's got me in the mood as you can tell. ^.^;; Took a while to finish this because of classes, but I wanted to get it done before winter comes. It might be a while before I post again, aside from ~Mikha's birthday gift. X3

I never really did give the full story behind Phyrra and Camus. It's not concrete, but it's something I've been trying to keep consistent. They were not childhood sweethearts, nor does she have an armour.

Their first meeting was at the pub she waitresses at. Through Milo's drunken brilliance, her and Camus were embarrassingly sucked into a date together.
While they were out on the town together, Phyrra wanted to show Camus her other job. even though it doesn't give her much pay, it was still her dream. Camus followed after her to the dark backway of the town near Sanctuary where they stopped at some ruins. They spent hours under the starry night with conversations of ancient Greek history and mythology. This is where she also learned that Camus was a saint of Athena. Also, where they both found out that they might have fallen for each other.
Milo still tries to get them to admit it's because of him, but they ignore him. X3

Hope it's an alright story... let me know if you have any questions. Next time I'll draw a more scene picture. ^.~

Oh and =khrazah made it as a stamp!!!
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