Greek Myth Picture

Ares, Aphrodite and Hephetus from Greek Mythology.
This was a sorta request of ~overacheron's. He liked my Athena picture I did a while ago and suggested I do another inthe same style. it's a bit different. it's black and while instead of bronze, black and white like the last one, so it does take away a bit, sorry if it doesn't look as good.
Adam had requested I do another Greek God Ares. I also remember he liked pictures with action... so I attempted to make him fighted someone... but who? I know, he can be fighting Hephtetes over Aphrodite, but she doesn't want them to fight because she likes them both and she's the goddess of love. or in Roman terms, Mars and Vulcan are fighting over Venus.
Mars is the God of war, Hephtutes the blacksmith of the gods? I think, and Aphrodite is the goddess of love... So War is fighting Work over Love? hmm, maybe there's a deeper meaning.
I hope you like.
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