Don't Cry, Lei Fang... Picture

He's a picture I made for my two gold siblings, Leo Lei Fang, and Sagittarius Xiaoyu. Here's the story:

When Xiaoyu was 20 and Lei Fang was 9, Lei Fang was told her sister kidnapped Athena and Nike. When really she was protecting them from Ares, or Gemini Akakios. Akakios was in love with her, but Xiaoyu was in love with his brother, Zolios. Zolios was the first born and when Akakios was born he was casted aside as a monster. Filled with hatred and envy, Ares took over Akakios (the red marks on his face) and made him kill Xioayu.

Since she was labled a traitor, she didn't have a proper funeral, Lei Fang was crying at her grave, in the Sagittarius Temple. Pisces Venus, then appeared and gave her a rose out of respect for her sister. He told her not to forget Xiaoyu's last words and not to cry. She thanked him and cut her once long hair as a sign that she was ready to move on.

In the end, Akakios begged Lei Fang and his brother, Zolios for forgivness, after seeing Xiaoyu's angel behind Pegasus Seiza he says," I should have accepted her friendship. That way she would still be by my side. My beautiful.....Xiaoyu"

Leo Lei Fang (c)
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