The Leaver Picture

The Leaver
Chakra Rainbow Series
Shelley Irish
36" x 36"
Oil on Canvas

Thank you for viewing my work! This painting is part of the Chakra Rainbow Oil Painting Series by Shelley Irish. Through the lens of Chakra Theory, this painting represents human patterns of energetic/spiritual lightness and darkness. My intention behind painting this series is to bring awareness to our states of balance and imbalance and to promote healing.

I painted this as a representation of a balanced heart chakra. It depicts a woman extending her arms to pass energy into other hands. She gives her energy to her community and remains open hearted. She used uses the emotional intelligence she has developed to balance a feather (her soul) and smoke (her mind).

This painting was exhibited in a one-woman show at Nine 10 Arts in Denver, CO, US in April of 2011 and I so am pleased to offer prints to the public! For more information on this series please visit [link]

I use high quality photography of my work from Reed Photo Art [link] on DA to ensure the print you receive is of the highest quality.

To learn more about this series and about my work please visit...

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The Leaver Haiku

asperging our minds
wind tunnel of healing hands
replenished unstruck

Thank you for viewing my work! Feedback is always appreciated!
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