Arachne:Web Witch: Fallen Mami Picture

Yes. Another canon Magical girl's witch form. I though the ribbon thing was a good motif to build her witch form off of. There's quite a few references to Greek mythology. Arachne was a woman who grew cocky enough to challenge Athena, and was turned into a spider upon her death. Mami was killed in a brief moment of pride and was associated with spiders. The web pattern has an image of Mami's flower as well. Spiders are also creatures that live alone or else destroy each other, a fitting metaphor for the magical girl system.

Card Text

The witch of the web with a solitary nature. A fair haired weaver creature who’s barrier consist of gold thread through the deepest darkness. Her web’s design in beautiful and intricate. Some claim she eats the poor souls who wander on to her web. Others say she tries to drive them into despair so she will never be alone. She is easy to defeat if she becomes arrogant.

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