Xasny my new Org. 13 member Picture

Ok so this is Xasny formally Tansy, she was a nymph in direct linage to Athena of the Greek Gods. After the tragedy and heroics of Hercules, Zeus banned the mingling of Gods to humans. But Tansy was in love with the mortal men and disobeyed the Gods, she would sneak out to see them every night. One day a mortal's eyes fell upon her, she was so beautiful to him he exclaimed, "Why, you are far more beautiful than any God that could ever exist." but the Goddess Athena heard the mortal's voice and was furious, and Zeus saw her with the mortals and became even more enraged. Athena sent her ill will to her and cursed her with the forever longing of desire, and every time she that she touched a man of any being she would be in severe pain and the heavens would rain electricity upon her. Zeus threw a bolt of lightning at her and it struck her right in the back just between the shoulder blades leaving a scar that laid horizontal across her back, and stripped her of any godly relation, then banished her to another world as neither a god or a mortal, but as a shell of a person.

After the Organization collected her she realized a power had been granted to her, she had the ability to change the state of liquids gasses and solids. She was confused as to how she came to have these powers but was sure that one of her God relatives had given them to her.
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