Puppy Trainer Natalie Picture

I got so bored i made myself a pokemon trainer and even gave myself a back story so here it is.

Natalie (me) runs a Pokemon shelter for injured or abandoned pokemon. Pokemon who have been given up are taken care of, re-trained, and adopted out to loving homes. Basically the same as a normal animal shelter. Most of the younger pokemon are adopted out as starter pokemon for young trainers. Some pokemon are used as pets or trained to work like police pokemon or pokemon to lead the blind. etc... Natalie has a soft spot for puppy Pokemon. The five pokemon here (i have not yet given them names) are her battling pokemon. She has one Skitty (not shown here) that does not battle. Skitty is a house cat but will sometimes participate in contests to support the shelter.

Im gonna draw and submit some of my friends as pokemon trainers to. haha jeez arent i lame.

I gave them names.

I love greek mythology. When i draw Skitty later im gonna call her Aphrodite.

link to the other two
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