Percy Jackson Picture

Recently reread "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and remembered why I love the series so much. Greek mythology with a sarcastic edge? I wanted to keep closed to the official art, yet make it somewhat more realistic. I don't know if I succeeded, but I really enjoyed this. Been working on these for a week or so...

Last but not least, Percy Jackson, Seaweed Brain himself...and any other name Mr. D happens to think of at the time. I'm not entirely happy with this one, but I really wanted to finish these so I decided it would do. The angle is off, but I think it worked out okay. I had the hardest time drawing his hair, but thats something I need to work on. Riptide didn't make it in, but I guess he doesn't always need his sword around.

Percy was by far my favorite character. He had a sarcastic edge that I appreciate. Plus anyone who has water powers is just plain cool. It seems like no matter what goes wrong he manages to survive, much to the dismay of the gods. I can't wait for the "Mark of Athena" to come out... there might be more from this series in the future.
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