Artemis Sketch Picture

The Greek goddess Artemis (Diana for Roman Mythology) is a virgin goddess of the hunt and protector of young girls and children.

Drawn on a 5.5"x8.5" sheet of paper.

I spent like 5 maybe 6 hours on what was suppose to be a quick reference sketch for an even bigger picture. I'll never take a simple pose for granted ever again; I've got 3 words to describe what I went through to draw this pose, "Hell and back." I was scratching my head on what to do with this one from 'the get-go'. I actually thought that she was going to be easy to draw in this pose. Believe it or not I actually had to stand in a mirror in roughly a similar pose with my broken recurved bow so that I could have an idea roughly where hands and arms are suppose to be when holding a bow in that fashion. Bows and arrows are a completely different story from drawing swords and spears; I think that's why I prefer drawing pictures of Athena instead, but Artemis is a good change of pace.

Like I said it was suppose to be a quick sketch that I "almost" ended up turning into an actual "art master piece" in of itself. I guess its been so long since my gallery has had a new of picture of Artemis (almost 5 years since the last art piece I personally drew of her). In my opinion, I think this one is by far the best picture of Artemis that I ever drawn, and I've only drawn 1 other picture of her. I wasn't sure how well this one was even going to turn out especially when I added the quiver packed full of arrows strapped to her back, to be honest with you it didn't turn out too bad. Though I feel with this new reference picture that there are still a couple of details that I could add for my future pieces involving Artemis, like low sandals or some kind of a simple shoe, a belt at her waist with possibly a piece of deer hide attached to it, and maybe a buck knife of some kind. I mean after all she is "the goddess of the hunt", I'd imagine that she doesn't just shoot to kill (otherwise she'd be like the first recorded vegetarian hunter ever), so I figure a buck knife would be an essential tool for her after taking down a sizable deer.

This picture goes out to my good friend Av:
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