Helen of Troy Picture

I was on this website, [link]
And I'm totally addicted! lol
I decided to do a series on the top fermale Olympians from Greek Mythology.

This is Helen of Troy. Okay, so no she's not a goddess, she's mortal. But she's important in the myths. Believe it or not, an entire war started over her. The Trojan War, to be exact. She was born with two brothers, and a twin sister, Clytemnestra. She was first kidnapped as a little girl, but was rescued by her brothers, and married off to Menelaus, and they were happy. But, then because of the story of The Judgement of Paris, (Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena all wanted to know who was the most beautiful of the goddesses, and since none of the gods wanted to say, they chose the mortal Paris, and each bribed him with either power, wisdom, or the most beautiful mortal in the world as his wife. He chose Aphrodite, and she gave him Helen, the most beautiful mortal in the world) she was kidnapped and the Trojan War commenced to get her back. Of course, she was blamed instead of Aphrodite of Paris, but that's *literally* ancient history, lol. Anyway, after the war, she ended up with Menelaus and they lived happily ever after.
I hope you like it!
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