Progress Shots Picture

Mostly Owls. I don't have acess to the Scanner right now so these are some progress shots taken with my Webcam. These are only a few of the pieces I've been working on over the past few months. All of them aren't finished in one way or another. The captions under each are just a brief description/title.

(1) - I've been reading the Thor Essentials heavily ever since I saw the epic epicness that is the movie. I love the style in Asgard. It's beautiful. Even their armor is pretty and the people... well, I think that's best saved for the Loki picture.

Basically, I was looking to draw myself in some sort of Asgardian armor but I ended up with more of an Athena-like character with the Owl. If you look closely you can see the Star Trek symbol on their breast plate. xD

(2) - I've always wanted an Owl as a companion. I don't know what kind of harm it would do but I'd want to smoke a J with it. Cheech and Chong smoked with a Lizard, why can't I chill with an Owl? I'd love a Great Horned Owl which is why I drew one in the picture. The Owl is smoking out of a corncob pipe which I've found to be my favorite smoking apparatus. I'm the one with the hat that says Megatron and the Captain America jacket. It's usually what I wear on a daily basis.

(3) - In Ohio we go Truck Surfing. It's fun and safe and a huge blast in the summer. You simply hang on to the cab of a truck, staand up in the bed, and bolt through back country roads at 40 - 70 MPH. We haven't gone since Winter so before my friends all move away, we're gonna go out and do it one more time.

(4) - I think but I'm not sure I recall drawing this one off of a picture on Mrs. Kathryn Laskey's website. She's the woman who wrote the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series which is just AMAZING. I highly reccomend the series to anyone. The girl is reading the first book of Ga'Hoole to a Hawk Owl.

(5) - A Ural Owl though I don't remember if that's the actual species I modeled it after. It was something like a tawny owl. Still not sure.

(6) - Loki... Loki, Loki, Loki... I love Loki. I loved Tom Hiddleston's performance as the God of Mischief and then reading the comics... I'm totally in love with Loki in every form. Original Loki, Movie Loki, Lady Loki, Loki in Sif's body, Crazy Loki, Loki in debt to Spider-Man Loki, even original Norse Mythology Loki... I'm in looooove... <3 Don't tell Rorschach...
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