Gods, In Passing: Sage Picture

Finally! A proper portrait of the character I've been waffling on about for ages now!

Behold! Sage Torkelsen, Part-Time Messenger of the Gods!

Sage is a fun character to write with, not gonna lie. One, she has this fundamentally child-like wonder and curiosity about the world, as well as a child's open-minded view of the world -something she never really grew out of. It makes her character a bit more challenging to write, because she just doesn't understand the complexities people use to rationalize a black and white world, and yet she enounters such attitudes with alarming frequency.

Two, she has a wonderful, if morbid, sense of humour that refuses to abandon her even in the worst situations -a direct result of her two Trickster Animal Totems (Coyote and Crow). Between her boss' mercurial personality and her clients' less-than-friendly behaviour, this serves as a buffer between herself and the real world... Even when that's sort of a bad thing.

Three, she's the one who roots for the bad guys in movies and novels -not because she agrees with them, but because she's sick to death of the good guy getting the girl and she thinks the bad guy could really use a break. She favours the underdog because she believes that someone should favour him, and this attitude is reflected on virtually all aspects of her life. While she works for Hermes and has the opportunity to (try) to befriend the major gods like Apollo, Athena, and Aphrodite, she hangs out with Hephaestus and Dionysus instead; rather than stick around Odin, Thor, etc., she chills with Jormungandr.

She also has the most amazing knack for getting into trouble -so much so that it surprises even her Trickster boss.

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