Don't Leave... Picture

I had to draw this- I have so much history in my head that it needed to be done~ QwQ"

I made an Ancient who represents Ancient Libya (the woman in the picture) and her son (current) day Libya- only he's younger in this picture cause his mother vanished thousands of years ago around the same time as Ancient Egypt. In history, they say that Ancient Egypt and Ancient Libya were sister nations- which makes a lot of sense.


Mama (Ancient) Libya is based off of the Libyan Amazon Women who were women in Libyan mythology who were priestess and hunters. They were also known for abandoning their sons (which led people to think they were just legends). So according to my thoughts: I believe that Mama Libya "abandoned" or "disappeared", leaving little Libya scared and running to Mama Egypt (who was Mama Libya's sister).

I also based her off of other Libyan mythology which might be useful for those who care about history: The Greeks based some of their Gods and Goddesses on Libyan Mythology.

One example of this would be Athena, the Greek God of war. At first Athena was a Libyan Goddess who was jealous of Posideons' (another Libyan god of the sea) relationship with Medusa and helped a hero kill Medusa (who was a woman with snakes for hair who turned men into stone- which is in Greek mythology as well.)

Libya has a great story and history, let's not forget that.

Sheesh, I should make a timeline to explain this better. :'T

Ancient Libya and Libya (c) Moi~

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