Fighting the Good Fight Picture

This is a long overdue project that had an extremely rocky start, as in it took me 3 crumpled up sheets of frustration to get this project up off the ground. As for the estimated amount of around the clock hours I invested in this piece, I'd guess somewhere around 40 to 48 hours straight start to finish. I actually believed that I was going to have this finished in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ha, what a joke that was. Here we are 2 days past Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I feel like a genius for completely overshooting the deadline. Oh well better late than never, right?

Overall I'm about 97% happy with how this piece came out. I think what came out the best which I was originally unsure of, was that bolt of lightning in the background. Mind you adding both the lightning and pillar in the background were an after thought and they both turned out really well (in my opinion).

Copyright Notice:
Copyright 2013 By: Deorse (Steven Waller)
This piece may NOT be used on any other website WITHOUT my WRITTEN permission, this may NOT be altered, sold, or used for commercial purposes unless it is for the official use for the official "Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation" by the official "Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation" WITH my written permission. © 2013 By: Deorse (Steve Waller)

I seriously have my doubts that the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation is going to be flocking over to be using this piece anytime soon, so don't be an idiot. Don't try passing yourself off as an official representative of the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and then selling or using my artwork for your personal/ profitable gain, I wasn't born yesterday. I will find you.
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