Queen Mother Picture

Early Mothers day picture? I couldn't wait until actual Mothers day or else I would have forgotten. I am bad like that.

So I found this base on DA ( [link] ) Which I thought was adorable. It had six of the mini-guys so I thought this would be perfect for a picture of Rhea and her babies (I had been planning the picture for a while).....Which is something I would have never been able to figure out on my own (Pose wise)...I drew the picture myself, just using the base as a reference, so does that make it okay....?
Its more like referencing someone posing in real life or whatever, right guys...? Right...?????
IDK you tell me. :\ if its copying or lame or whatever, I can take down the picture and never show it to the face of the earth again. But I did like it so...> >

I like Rhea a lot.
She is a kinda under-appreciated character in my opinion. I want to do something with her I really do. Maybe I will even make her an official bio. Until then, make due with this picture and a promise that her character is tragic.

Anyway, all six of the original Olympians here. Can you name them????????????

(For those who can't)
In order from top to bottom, it is
Rhea: Mother of the Gods, Titan Queen and Wife of Cronus.
Zeus: The blonde boy there. Youngest child of Rhea, King of the Gods.
Demeter: The tan one in green. Goddess of the Harvest and nature in general.
Hades: The one of the curly hair. Eldest Child of Rhea, King of the Underworld.
Poseidon: The one in blue. King of the Oceans.
Hera: The one with the peacock. Queen of the Gods, wife of Zeus.
Hestia: The one with white hair. Goddess of Hearth and Home.

If you like the Gods and Goddess' and Titans you see here, you should totally check out the wonderful work of my co-author, ~Pinkiekitty who is too busy being awesome in Japan right now to take your calls, so just admire.
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