Scylla and Charybdis Picture

After a long break caused by writer's block, Tyrantis is back, baby! And with the upcoming chapter in his saga comes an arse load of concept art.

First up are Scylla and Charybdis. Unlike the majority of the monsters in this and previous chapters of the Saga, Scylla and Charybdis are not genetically made freaks of nature. They are in fact mythological creatures dating back to the seventh age of the universe, making them older than the dragons that appeared in the last chapter.

Scylla was born a hydra (multiheaded dragon), contrary to the Greek myth (hey, I didn't say that Greek mythology was 100% accurate to the facts of my own) and befriended a magical dunkleosteus named Charybdis (a dunkleosteus is a devonian fish with an armored skull, for those who are unaware) that had used its magic to make itself lungs, as well as increase its size to kaiju proportions. Scylla likewise used magic to make her necks grow longer than normal so she could snatch prey from the sea. The two lived on some mediterranean strait, forcing prey to chose who would kill them. As they were resigned to this quiet lifestyle, the magic in their bodies was neglected and built over time.

When the apocalypse of the seventh age rolled around, Scylla and Charybdis used their magic to allow their strait to exist oustide of the universe (much like Athena's island), allowing them to survive the apocalypse and live into the eighth (current) age of the universe.

Pantheon, a terrorist organization that used kaiju as weapons of mass destruction, found the pair (and to be clear, Pantheon is not a group of Muslim Extremists. By "terrorist" I mean any human that chooses to harm others for their own personal gain). They managed to relocate the imortal monsters to their underground laboratory in Scotland where all manner of horrors named after Greek monsters were being bred.

Scylla and Charybdis continued their placcid existence in the cavern for a short time before meeting Tyrantis, at which point things changed considerably...

Tyrantis is the green tyrannosaur in the picture and is shown just to get a sense of scale. Charybdis is the green fish with the armored head and Scylla is the blue, six headed dragon. Look for the duo to appear in Tyrantis's Saga Chapter Six: Twelve Labors, coming soon!
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