Seven Ravens spread -pencils- Picture

This took months in the making, beginning back in February, but I finally finished it!
Here is the double-page spread illustration for my children's book, "The Seven Ravens" by the Brothers Grimm. I put the last touches in pencil on it last night. I'm still debating whether to copy this onto bristol and do it in watercolor or scan this in at a higher resolution, clean it up, and digitally color it in Photoshop. Probably I'll try both and see which looks best.

For those of you not familiar with the fable, the summarization goes as follows. There once was a man who had seven sons and desperately wanted a daughter. Finally, the day came when his wife gave birth to a little girl, but she had a fever, so he sent his boys to get water. They roughhouse and wind up dropping the bucket down the well and are too afraid to go home and face dad. When it starts to get late and they haven't returned, the father gets so upset that he curses to the heavens, "I wish those boys were turned into ravens!" And of course seven ravens fly right overhead just as soon as he says this. Anyway, the story goes on for a bit, but it becomes a journey for the sister to find her brothers. Here, she has pulled a kind of "Goldilocks" by sampling their food and drink while they were away. Here is the moment when they've all sat down for dinner and realize someone has helped themselves to their supper.

There are just so many little Easter eggs that I put into this drawing that it would take pages upon pages to explain them all. The mythological references are the most numerous, the most obvious ones being the statue of Odin and the Pallas Athenas above the doors (Note the raven with her. It's my little tip of the hat to Mr. Poe.) If anyone has any questions about this illustration, please ask! I love to share the thoughts that went into making this.

Here are some of the parts that make up this piece:
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