PJO Sketchdump - Turko-Mongol Mythology Picture

No city quite reflects the contrast between Greeks and Romans as did Byzantium, Constantinople! The Greek capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, it flourished in the Dark Ages of the West, until declining amidst rivalries with Rome and barbarian invasions.

Under the Byzantines, Greek and Roman were more or less mixed, with the cultures and political institutions of both societies (the Senate and polis, for example).

The Turko-Mongol invasions began with the Huns, followed by the Bulgars, Turks, and Mongols, all of whom had, at one point, worshiped the sky god Tengri, and practiced the arts of Shamanism.

The cultures of the world go ever westward, and as Greco-Roman civilization ventured into the Americas, the Turko-Mongols filled the void in the Queen of Cities, Byzantion.

Now, as the demigods of the West return to the Ancient Lands, the city of Artemis/Diana has come under scrutiny (as Turkey had only joined the West after World War I).

Percy Jackson & the Olympians © Rick Riordan
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