ILIAD part 2 Picture

EN.: this is the second part of my comic... hope you'll like it..=3

(picture 1) "The three goddesses fought for the apple"
Aphrodite: "Why are you looking at MY apple??"
Athena: "wait... that's MY apple!!"
Hera: "NO WAY!! that's MINE!!"

(picture 2) the three goddesses continued their fight...

(picture 3) "They decided to let the handsome Parid judge who was the most beautiful goddess"
Paris: "...let me look..."

(picture 4) Aphrodite: "hei, if you choose me, I'll make the most beautiful woman on earth love you!!"
Paris: "REALLY!?"

(picture 5) Paris: "the most beautiful goddess is... APHRODITE!!"

(picture 6) Aphrodite: "YEI!!!"
Hera and Athena hated Paris...

IT.: qst è la seconda parte del mio fumetto... spero vi piaccia..=3
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