Olympus Apt 23 Picture

And this'll be everything I scanned in the other night, but certainly not the last of what I've still got to upload. I'm not sure why Athena picked up smoking, but being a goddess she probably doesn't have to worry about silly things like lung cancer or heart attacks. The mace behind Venus belongs to Freya, if that isn't obvious.

Venus is making references to the events of the Aeneid. Juno was super against Aeneas forming any kind of Rome, so she went out of her way to make life as hard for him as possible. Of course, in her own way, she ended up causing the burning of Carthage. If she hadn't forced Dido and Aeneas to marry, Dido wouldn't have gone crazy and burned herself alive. To be fair, Aeneas is kind of a dick through that whole adventure, but still. That girl had made herself queen in one of the coolest lines in the original Latin and been warding off the advances of neighboring kings, and it takes one dude to light herself on fire.

Juno/Hera also holds a grudge as Venus won that contest between the three goddesses that Paris judged over. This, you may remember, kicked off the Trojan War, which also kind of kicked off the Aeneid, so there probably wasn't any good blood between them for a while.

All of this will come up in the future.
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