Forest Walk Picture

ARTEMIS!!!!!! (Finaly since Artemisia is in my ID name) Well since I was waiting for class and I only had line paper... it has lines. this is just a little doddle I made... I drew this after making an horrible Poland pic.

Anyways about Artemis... for some reason (which I don't understand) she has a golden bow while her twin (Apollo) has a silver bow... you would think it was the other way around. Artemis is the goddess of the wild, hunting childbirth (again this one doesnt make much sense since she's a virgin goddess and loves her virgin). Another thing about her thats wierd is the fact the she's one of the most beautiful of the goddesses and refuses to marry... at Hestia she's like a kind mother to the gods and Athena looks a little manish so that turns the gods off a little but with Artemis the one that's intense about her virginity, she's a hot tomboy. anyways here's her pic.
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