The Goddess and The Weaver Picture

A picture inspired by the song "The Goddess and The Weaver" by Spiral Dance, which relates the Greek myth of Arachnia.

(You can listen to it here [link] - The picture makes far more sense if you listen to the song)

The symbols on the tapestry represent the Olympian Gods in the song...

Thunderbolt = Zeus
Shield/Owl = Athena
Lyre/Laurel Wreath = Apollo
Peacock feather = Hera
Wine/Ivy = Dionysus
Dove/Myrtle = Aphrodite
Spear/Vulture = Ares
Corn/Torch = Demeter
Fire/Hammer = Hephaestus
Bow = Diana
Winged boot = Hermes
Cerebus = Hades

Didn't have enough room for all the Olympian gods though...

Total time: 12 Hours
Medium: Pencil, Ink, COPIC Markers, and Colored Pencil

Song (c) Spiral Dance
This picture inspired by the song (c) PaxPaganus
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