The myth of Paris Black Picture

Another drawble, this time going with the prompts Greek mythology and the Black family. It's the myth of Paris and the Golden Apple: because she was not invited to a wedding, the Goddess of Strife left a golden apple labeled "for the fairest". Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all fought over the apple, and in order to get an impartial judge they took Paris, the most beautiful mortal, and made him decide. As an incentive, they each offered him a gift - Hera offered him power, Athena victory in battle, and Aphrodite the love of the most beautiful woman in the world - Helen of Troy. Needless to say Paris chose Aphrodite and kidnapped Helen, thus starting the Trojan War.
ANYWHO - that's the myth here, and from L to R we have Andromeda as Aphrodite, Sirius as Paris, Narcissa as Hera, and Bellatrix as Athena. I thought they all fit their roles rather well, don't you?
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