TENSHINGER sanctuary vs GAISOUGER cosmic wallpaper Picture

proudly present, the new generation of my 1st & 2nd super sentai team :
Kami Sentai TENSHINGER ~sanctuary~
Seiza Sentai GAISOUGER ~cosmic~

they are two team that was formed 30 years after their predecessors.
I got the idea to recycle both teams after watched Saint Seiya Omega.
for tenshinger's suit, I did not make many changes (maintaining the original concept) and I took the theme of "The Olympians" (Greek Deities), and also "Mythological Creatures"
and for gaisouger I took the theme of "New Constellation".
on some rangers underwent a change of gender.

The motif of each rangers :

TenshinRed = Ares and Drake (another name of Dragon)
TenshinYellow = Athena and Hippogriff
TenshinGreen = Poseidon and Hippocampus
TenshinBlue = Hermes and Satyr
TenshinPink = Aphrodite and Fairy

GaisouRed = Leo Minor (Lionet)
GaisouWhite = Columba (Dove)
GaisouGreen = Chamaeleon (Chameleon)
GaisouBlue = Delphinus (Dolphin)
GaisouYellow = Vulpecula (Fox)

which one do you like, the original or the recycle version?
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