The Judgement of Paris Picture

So the story of the Judgment of Paris is basically, there was a wedding and all the Greek gods and goddesses were invited except for Eris, the goddess of chaos (her and Discord would get along great. If anyone wants to use that go ahead). So she's angry and goes anyway. Being the goddess of disharmony, she throws a golden apple with TO THE FAIREST on it into a group of goddesses. They start bickering over who should have it and ask Zeus to decide. Not wanting to get involved, Zeus appoints Paris, a mortal Trojan prince, to decide instead. Hera offered to make him king of the everywhere. Athena bribed him with wisdom and military success. And Aphrodite tempted him with the promise of the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen of Sparta. And we all know which one he picked. So this is the mythological explanation behind the Trojan War.
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