God of War III Poster Picture

A custom poster I wanted to make from the video game series "God of War". This project took a while to create. I used Photoshop CS5 using different images I found online. I found an already-to-use logo for the title, I added some cloud brushes with an image of Kratos' eyes blended in with them. For the image with the Acropolis/city, I found a photo online (had to change some of the levels and colors since it was a photo taken in daylight). For the fire in the backdrop with the smoke I used a photo of the Esperanza wildfire. For Kratos, I used an image I found that had a few watermarks in some weird places like on his arm, a little on his neck, and on one of his blades, but I was able to get rid of them. And lastly I just found some company logos, some I had to vector and adjust.
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