Aegis of the New Warriors Picture

One day teenager Trey Rollins found a breastplate, the Aegis, and discovered it had magical powers. He created a costumed identity from his knowledge of Greek mythology and began calling himself Aegis. With his newfound powers, Aegis took it upon himself to protect his neighborhood from the gangs and criminals who menaced its residents. Aegis became a hero to the kids in Brooklyn who looked up to him. He was created in 1999, first appearing in New Warriors vol. 2, #0. He then joined the second version of the New Warriors.
Trey has no superhuman powers. He wears the Aegis, a mystical breastplate worn by Zeus and Athena. The breastplate protects the wearer from harm by absorbing the energy of attacks. The energy can then be redirected offensively or used to create force fields to protect others.

He doesn't carry a spear but I liked the way it went with the breastplate.
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