GoddessAgain Picture

kind of revisting >

but obviously not going for the exact same style...and..I switched up a few bits.
Persephone hasnt changed much

Artemis has a couple more Hunter qualities and ..Leah hair.

Athena I wanted to be a bit more radiant. like, this is the goddess military men followed. she should be brilliant and dangerous, like the sun.

(It didnt come through very well but I wanted their bodyshapes to reflect their status too.
Persephone is queen of the underworld. she was chosen because Hades fell in love at first sight. she probably is rather spoiled, even if she is trapped.
Artemis is a hunter, and one with a bow at that. she's likely to be slim muscles and strong shouldered.
Athena is a powerful and smart leader, she's going to be strong pretty much everywhere, in looks and in personality)

i might retouch some things later..beh
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