Hades Picture

Hades from His own OAV lol
I painted him and Defteros at the same time, going from one pic to another. What I mean is Defteros misses his gold cloth because I put all my concentration on Hades'friggin'god cloth...

I found it incredible that he was defeated in one episode, the fight was a catastrophy orz

He's the kind of character I appreciate, so....yeah I'm developing a new addiction XD

Uwah my brain is off...gotta go to bed


As I received a comment that really puzzled me, I'm copy-pasting my answer so that there is no confusion again:

"This is not THE Hades from the mythology, it is the fictional character from SAINT SEIYA. You don't like this version, and that is totally fine, I have no right to criticize your tastes. Conversely, I like this character very much. For what he is: a fictionnal character. so please do not threaten me with beheading, or with wild 'masterbaiting' on my skull just because I drew him.
I don't think the classic Athena is really a purple-haired princess, I don't think Buddha would actually serve said princess in the form of a blond Indian, etc etc THIS IS FICTION!"

Jeez...thanks for reading this. -__-
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