- Ares - Picture

Finally a male deity!!! lol

The reference pic was donated to me by the wonderfull and talented photographer Jorrit Pfeifer [link]
Thanks again for that sweety!!!

Model: Youri

I tried to give him more of a sneaky, dark look with a slight savage edgy side to him.
AAAAAAAND still make him look attractive!! lol


In Greek mythology, Ares (in Greek, Άρης — "battle strife") is the son of Zeus (king of the gods) and Hera. Though often incorrectly referred to as the Olympian god of war, he is more accurately the god of savage war, or bloodlust. The Romans identified him as Mars, the Roman god of war (whom they had inherited from the Etruscans) with Hellenic Ares, but among them, Mars stood in much higher esteem.

Among the Hellenes, Ares was always mistrusted. His birthplace and true home was placed far off, among the barbarous and warlike Thracians. And he withdrew to Thrace after he was discovered on a couch with Aphrodite. Though Ares' half-sister Athena was also considered to be a war deity, Athena's stance was that of strategic warfare while Ares' tended to be the unpredictable violence of war with all its potential outcomes.

"Ares" remained an adjective and epithet in Classical times: Zeus Areios, Athena Areia, even Aphrodite Areia.[3] In Mycenaean times, inscriptions attest to Enyalios, a name that survived into Classical times as an epithet of Ares. Vultures and dogs are sacred to him.
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