Daddy's Girl 7 Picture

This page took me some time. I became unsure about the script and had to think it over again. Because now we get to the part about Athena that always has been quite difficult for me to deal with. Her birth. Not only was she said to have been born from Zeus's head, but she was also supposed to have come out fully grown, dressed and armed. That's just too bizarre!

For a long time I didn't know how to depict that in my comics. I could have made it just an invented story (or used one of the lesser known traditions where Zeus isn't her father), but I wanted to somehow stick to the most famous myth. So in my version Athena was born from Zeus's head, but she was extremly small (and didn't assume the right proportions until she was out) and naked. No clothes or weapons.

The third panel was very fun. I have of course used ancient paintings as references.

And at the end of the page I just HAD to put in some humour. Like I said, this thing is so bizarre that I just can't take it all seriously. In my version Zeus was pretty freaked out about the whole thing and he's still trying to accept what just happened in the last panels. Hm, I guess Athena also should be stained with blood or something. Let's say that Prometheus helped her wash herself earlier. ^^

The signs are from the Mycenaean writing system. I wanted him to write Athena's name, since Athena is one of the gods of the Classical pantheon who probably can be traced back to the Mycenaean period. The inscription A-ta-na po-ti-ni-ja has been found on a Linear B tablet and might be translated as "Lady Athena" or "Lady of Athens". So what I have written in the comic are the signs for a, ta and na.
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