Don't look at me... Picture

...lest you suffer the wrath of mine own unjust punishment.


I was watching the history channel the other day and they were talking about the story of Medusa. It's really a sad one, you should check it out.

To sum it up, Medusa used to be a human priestess to the goddess Athena. She was also the "fairest in the land", really pretty face, long luxurious hair, the works. But since she was a servant of Athena she had taken an oath of virginity should could/would never marry.

Well, there were a lot of men who weren't happy with that. Including Poseidon. Well.... he's a god. Not a man. But you get the point.

Anyhoo, Poseidon wants Medusa- and what Poseidon wants Poseidon gets. So he corners her in Athena's temple and rapes her. Jerk.

Athena freaks because Medusa broke her oath. (seriously, Athena? They were in YOUR temple why didn't you do anything?!) Well, the goddess is on a warpath and someone's gonna pay. Guess who it is? If you guessed Poseidon you guessed wrong. Yeah, poor Medusa gets blamed for being raped against her will.

And so, her punishment is pretty much what you see before you today. She was turned into a Gorgon (pretty much the greek version of a zombie. Instead of eating flesh they turn it into stone.) and exiled on a remote island in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, word gets out about a monster with eyes that turn men into stone. With such power a king could bring entire armies to their knees with a single weapon. So a bounty goes out on Medusa's head. Literally.

Fortunately for Medusa, her punishment came with a few perks. Any idiot who set foot on her island was turned to stone with a mere glance.

However, I can't imagine life would be happy on that island. When I think of Medusa, a woman punished for an evil done to her, with a face so beautiful that can never be looked upon without facing instant death, being seperated from society and humanity, having to live the life of a monster in her ever-growing garden of statues....
it's just sad.
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