Never Easy Picture

Please help me.

Seriously, I'm broken. I have to finish 2 show entries, still have to finish my half of a collab fawnling write up, post the rosettes for the Snow Show, do a Nordy tack commission that's been waiting for me to have a streak of inspiration and that's just for starters. And yet, I've spent the two hours before bed doing this because I'm obsessed with Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series (don't believe me? Check out my new profile webcam) and I genuinely can't get enough of these two.

I probably don't have to tell a single person in the fandom who they are, but for those of you staring and going "What's Tatty been smoking?!" (I haven't, by the way, I'm just running on a lack of sleep) - these two are Percy and Annabeth.

And I decided to torture myself, too, because I combined a billion things in this that - simply put - I can't draw anyway. Like water, the sea, people, people kissing, clouds and direct light sources. I will point out though that they intentionally may/shouldn't look soaked - that's actually one of Percy's handy talents (for him and me when painting). So its a mess and was doomed from the start, but I love it anyway for reasons unknown and I'm just glad I've gotten in on the fan art for this series because- Gah. I love them.

Send me a self-help tape, a sharp kick or ideas for more drawings (heck even fiction). I'm not fussy which XD.

If I was a demigod I can completely imagine I'd be a daughter of Poseidon. I don't fancy the regular brushes with death that come with that title, but I've always loved the water in any form and I love to swim, so that'd fit. Anyway... I'm going to bed and tomorrow I will be finishing actual stuff I need to do.

Then reading the rest of the next book in the series. Who said that? Not me. Move along.

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A couple of hours, I think?
No refs - hence terrible anatomy and lets not get started on the kissage...
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