The Five Furies . Picture

So Court & I are taking a Mythology class , & we kind of associated ourselves & our besties with our favorite gods LOLOL . So guna see these characters a lot(; . Their all kind of family , since they all have the same dad , Zeus . Sometimes you.ll see that , and other times .. Well they don.t act much like family jeje(; . Ex- Athena & Apollo are married , but she & Ares have little flings together (this does NOT reflect on US though LOLOL , just for fun) . Also there are really only four Furies , (Furies are spirits that torment the mortals who deserve it) but i Wanted to include Matt c; .

*Athena-Goddess of War . (Also known as Pallas)
This one.s obviously me , even though Aphrodite is my favorite goddess , this one fit me much better . Athena is mischievous and always pulling pranks on her family . She and her brother , Ares , are beautiful (though not as much as Aphrodite) and both are hot tempered and quick to fight . She picks favorites among mortals & loves to fuck up their enemies` lives . She.s also sort of lusty , and her & her brother kind of have a thing for each other (Jose & I DON.T though .. LOL . it.s really Aphrodite & Ares who have the affair , but since Court doesn.t know Jose , I Thought it.d be funnier this way) & you might see a couple drawings of that(; .
She has the scar tattoos (that look like wrinkles , but they won.t once i Color them LOL) on her face which she was not born with , and she and her brother Ares have a matching tattoo on their left arm that they were born with . She also has little fang tattoos that I May or may not get rid of LOL . Her symbol is a heart .

*Apollo-God of Death .
This is Dane , once again I Just wanted to fit him in rofl . I Don.t really know much about this god , just that he.s the god of Death & Revenge . & somewhat war , for some reason , even though freakin Zeus , Athena & Ares are all also the gods of war . The Greeks were so original . All I Have to say about him is he.s married to Athena & he.s very protective of her . She bites him . EJEJE . Oh & he.s an archer .
His symbol is .. The weird arrow thing . –was running out of ideas .

*Ares-God of War .
This is Jose , who isn.t really all that like Ares , I Just wanted to fit him in here LOL . Ares is always getting into fights with everyone , though he gets along best with Aphrodite & his sister , Athena . He.s a ladies` man , extremely flirty & beautiful like his sister (in a manly way?) . He has a thing with Athena (BUAHAHA iNCEST) and he steals glances at Aphrodite . He loves revenge , and causes fights between ladies with his flirtiness , and with boys because of his haughtiness .
He has a scar on his left eye , and his eye is a different color than his right . He covers it with an eye patch because he thinks it decreases his beauty (though all the goddess wanna jump his bones anyway LOL) . He and Athena have a matching tattoo on their left arm that they were born with . His symbol is a cross (ironically) .

*Aphrodite-Goddess of Love . (Also known as Cypris)
This is Courtney . it actually fits her perfectly , since their both happy & loving . Aphrodite is the goddess of Love & Joy . She.s an extreme flirt , but she balances it with all her happiness that makes everyone love her . All the gods want to be around her & she.s at all the parties . She & Athena are best friends , though she tries to foil some of Athena.s tricks .
Her hair covers her eye (whichever eye I Draw worse LOL) . Her symbol is a sun (kinda dumb , I Couldn.t think of anything for joy , & i.d already used the heart –facepalm) .

*Hermes-God of Guidance .
This is Matt ^^ . He chose Hermes , the messenger god . Hermes is the god of deceit & dignity . He.s a trickster & joker , but he also helps everyone out . He takes care of his family & protects them as best he can . He spies on the others a lot & knows about Athena & Ares , though he won.t tell . He.s closest with Athena , though they fight a lot , like brother & sister .
His symbol is the lightning bolt .. Cause he.s fast ? idk D; .
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