Athena's library Picture

Satyrs are good for nothing. That was general opinion on Olympos. They have a five year olds brain in the body of a sixteen year old boy. All they can think of is sex, food, wine and sex. They can never be taught to read and write for instance.

Well, when Athena came around Kericon she found a satyr who was quite a bit more than that. He seemed bright and clever and the other satyrs were referring to him as 'the geek' because he liked to put together simple things. Like a simple scooter made out of a discarded war chariot's wheels and some wires and planks. Perhaps, Athena thought, she could teach this guy something. Teach him to become a bit more useful than his comrades. And most of all to hit home a point.

Poseidon, Apollo and a lot of others were mocking Athena's attempt but she soon had Kericon reading, at least the simplest children's stuff. She also taught him some easy numbers. One, two, three, four five... And she told him he was always welcome in her library to educate himself even more, not even bothering with the fact that Aphrodite had some other ideas about what the two of them were doing in the library. After all Aphrodite was Aphrodite and it was not Athena who had been caught in a net with a sibling's spouse.

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