Athena Picture

Athena - goddess of wisdom and war, and favourite daughter of Zeus the almighty.

We've all seen her in full arm, looking like girlpower you don't mess with, in that amazing helmet, breastplate or shield carrying the gorgon-head and usually carrying a spear or a sword.

Those pictures shows a fabulous goddess of course, but I wanted to show another side of her. The civilan Athena. The Athena at home, when she softs at Olympos on her day off, perhaps on her way to listen to Apollo's latest songs, to gossip with some of all her sisters or head off to the library to get something new to read. And all the time accompanied by her faithful pet owl.

The silver beings behind are her automatons, robot-like servants made by her half-brother Hephaestos.

The lady who became Athena courtecy of
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