Arachne from Smite Picture

So I've been playing the Smite MOBA lately and I found I actually rather like it. It appeals to my interest in mythology by having all these gods and goddesses from different worldly pantheons duking it out. And while I'm not amazing at the game, I am fairly good for someone new to it. The only other MOBA I bothered with was Super Monday Night Combat, which I didn't care much for. Never was interested in the other ones for various reasons either.

Anyway, I won enough Favor, which is a sort of in game currency you get by winning and participating, in order to unlock Arachne. Wow, she is awesome! Makes spiderlings? Checks. Casts webs? Check. Venomous as hell. Big check. Cocoons enemies? Oh yeah. I wonder if other people get squicked out by seeing her coming at them? Hrm. No sense not exploiting latent arachnophobia, ha ha. Seriously though, she's fun to play.

One of the reasons I drew her is the design. She looks suitably monstrous, don't you think? I find it's a welcome change from how driders tend to get illustrated these days, where they just swap and paste some pretty chick on a spidery chassis. How is that monstrous anymore? To me, it's the nerfing of anything remotely ugly or inhuman to suit a generic interest in pretty things, like how Nosferatu devolved into a sparkly vampire. I like things (and people) for being different. Intimidating. Even a little aberrant. Death to homogenization! But I digress.

The hardest thing to draw about Arachne is her armor/headpiece, in my opinion. The game model is extremely detailed. I'm all for complex designs but I struggle when it comes to rigid forms, like vehicles, guns, etc. This was surprisingly difficult to do, but I applaud HiRez Studios for putting the effort into their character models. Unlike me, coz I cheaped out on one of her legs. Que sera, sera.
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