Beak and Bicker 09 Picture

For every protagonist, there's always an antagonist. In this case, two. This is Beak and Bicker, two of the meanest Stymphalion birds in the whole flock. They are Kappa's two older brothers, and they are the ones responsible for having Kappa ousted from the group. They're wicked, bad-tempered, and small-brained - their desire to bring trouble and misfortune to everyone far exceeds their ability to do so, and most of their harebrained schemes usually end up backfiring on them. While they put up a tough front, their cowardice shows very quickly, especially when faced with Marcus, who towers over the both of them, so they usually enact their fiendish plots from the shadows.

With one tall and lanky, the other short and portly, these two are like a darker, dumber version of Abbot and Costello.
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