Aztec Greek Goddesses Picture

So, you'll remember I drew Athena and Artemis in the super-stylized Aztec style for page 13 of Godlings (the first time around). Now that I'm redrawing Godlings and making it much more awesome, these two drawings needed an upgrade. They'll still appear when Quetzalcoatl returns to the other Aztec gods and gives his version of what happened, but I wanted to make a separate picture just to show them off, since they were fun.

Their designs have been slightly adjusted to reflect how they look now. (You'll see them soon. I'm almost ready to post page 4.)

I'm thinking of offering little commissions, actually. Would you like to see any of your favorite characters or OCs drawn as little Aztec people? Maybe 5 bucks each? Let me know, cuz I'd totally love to do it!
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