The Goddess of Wisdom Picture

Again, I tried to ink this one. That was a mistake...

Athena was always my favorite Goddess of Greek Mythology. She wasn't a whore like the others. Never really liked the Gods, either. They were man-whores. Anyway, I thought I would honor the old gods with this little piece of work.

I drew her inside the Parthenon, in case you were wondering, along side with her spear and helmet for battle, and her trademark owl. All the symbols are there, I believe.

I'm really proud of her design, and I think she turned out so wonderfully, but that god damn background! It's so terrible! I can't draw a straight line with a pen for anything! I also have never drawn an owl before, and had no reference to go by, mostly because I was too lazy to look for one.

Overall, I have to say I'm proud of this one. Maybe I'll revise it one day.

Maybe not.

(c) Bloody Saint Janon
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