Her Abhorred Shears Picture

I dunno, last week I just felt like painting and this is what came to mind. At the time, I felt like it symbolized something, but I have no idea how to explain it... it feels more like a subconcious representation of feelings? hmm. I guess I'll just leave it up to interpretation.

I think the girl is some obscure version of Atropos (in Greek mythology, the 3rd fate that cuts the strings of peoples' lives)
although the grey bird on her shoulder made me think of Athena. idk.
And that weird little smiling thing in the corner is some crazy demon that likes eating butterflies.

I've had the most killer headache today and four cups of tea and two tylonols have done nothing for it... But I felt obligated to submit this before I go to sleep, despite the fact that the light from the monitor is just killing my head even more. WTF IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEE. x____x

so normally I'd give a more in depth explanation of this, but I really just need to crash. :[

media: acrylic paint, glitter glue (yess, sparklyness!) a little colored pencil and white gelpen. on cardboard, with ripped white paper around the edges.

picture © *IceandSnow

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