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Athena was sometimes said to have invented the flute, but she threw it away after she discovered that it made her face look ugly while she was playing it. According to one version, she demonstrated her new invention during a banquet on Olympus and Hera and Aphrodite started laughing and mocking her for her puffed up cheeks. After she had thrown the flute away, it was picked up by the satyr Marsyas who one day would challenge Apollon to a musical contest. Obviously some people didn't think that this story was completely in line with Athena's character. A fragment from Philosophers at Dinner by Athenaeus reads: "I do not believe in my heart that the clever one, divine Athena took the clever instrument in the mountain thickets and then in fear of eye-offending ugliness threw it from her hands to be the glory of the Nymphe-born, hand-clapping beast Marsyas; for why should a keen yearning for lovely beauty distress her, to whom Klotho had assigned a marriageless and childless virginity".

But that's the Greek gods. Sometimes they do things that you wouldn't expect of them.

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