War Dance Picture

After almost 4 years, I've finished this work.
Sounds crazy, don't it?
I started this as a sketch at october 2007, with an idea of doing a four-piece artwork inspired (obviously) by Mucha's works. I thought of Atena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Demeter with a smooth scenario and those art nouveau knot frames.

But life came, took me from many things I liked, and this sketch was lost in a folder.

A month and a half before, I've found it and decided to finish it - maybe to "free" my mind from unfinished past works, so the new ones could come.

It took me a lot to paint because of my limited free times, but here it is!
I know it has a lot of errors - I don't paint with watercolours, ecoline and gouache for a LONG time - but the result looks good to me

Watercolours, aquarelle pencils, ecoline and gouache on paper.

I'm SO sorry for the poor sharpness - I can't scan it now, so I took a photo and my camera is terrible.
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