Arachne's Transformation Picture

In Greek mythology, there was a woman Arachne who boasted her weaving skills were better than those of Artemis, goddess of wisdom and war, and the weaving arts. She was unaware that part of her skills were in fact a gift from Athena. Athena tried to warn her, disguised as an older woman, not to anger the gods, but Arachne ignored her and challenged Athena to a weaving contest. Athena came out of disguise and the contest began. Athena won the contest and Arachne was so disappointed in herself that she hung herself...but Athena took pity on her, pulling Arachne from her noose and hanging her by her hair, undoing Arachne's weaves into webs and transformed Arachne into a spider, and called her an arachnid and said she would forever hang in despair.

Technical Crap:
9''x11'' sketch paper.
0.7 lead mechanical pencil
6B and 3B graphite pencils
Charcoal pencils *edit*
Large and small paper stumps
Kneaded eraser
Tissue Paper
Sandpaper (fine)
About 4 hours, over a matter of 3 weeks or so.
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