AGAFG 8 Picture

Awfully late, but here it is: page eight.
I was wondering if it maybe should be labeled as mature content, considering what Hermes says in the third panel, but I don't know. Personally I think it's pretty harmless (Hermes is more likely to buy a hotdog, btw).

That obol has Athena's sacred owl on it, so it's obviously from Athens. I don't know if you could get a hotdog for it (if the ancient Greeks had something similar to hotdogs), but I have read that you actually could get a cheap prostitute.

You can't really hug a dead, but you can make it look like that you're doing it, if you're careful. It's pretty pointless, though. The dead person won't feel anything and a coldness will run through your whole body. But this was the best Hermes could think of to comfort the poor little thing.
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