Arachne - Character Reference Sheet Picture

Arachne, who was punished for believing her skills as a weaver surpassed those of Athena, the Goddess of weaving, by being turned into a spider and cursed to weave for the rest of eternity.

I've made her a humanoid spider woman rather than a straight-up spider because I thought that would be more interesting/fun. She hasn't been mentioned or appeared in my Rise of the Guardians fanfic yet but she'll be popping up soon enough. What's her role? Well, where on earth do you think the Muses got all those fancy outfits they wear?

She and the Muses are good friends and she loves working with them. They always provide her fascinating challenges and of course, endless inspiration. She and Thalia are particularly close, I think.

When I was working on her, I got a suggestion from one of my classmates to look into Edith Head and maybe throw some references to her in Arachne's design and I thought that would be a lot of fun. So the round glasses and blunt bangs (as well as the outfit to an extent) are nods to her. Plus I thought having the extra lenses for her extra eyes would be awesome and it's still my favorite part of the design.

For the record, drawing a character with extra limbs from that many angles sucks.

She'll be the last reference sheet for a while, I think. I want to do Apollo at some point but I don't know what he looks like yet. In the meantime, you should check out my story and my other character designs!

Something Quite Peculiar - Chapter 01
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