Arachne Picture

Arachne was a girl in Greek mythology who claimed to possess superior weaving skills to those of the goddess Athena. Enraged, Athena posed as an old woman and tricked Arachne into participating in a weaving contest, to see who was truly more elite. Both weaved beautiful tapestries, but Athena's were by far, more superior. However, Arachne continued her boastful attitude. Angered, Athena condemned Arachne to spend the rest of her life weaving - and gave her the bottom half of a spider.

The pic was inspired by the game version of Arachne, in which Reinhardt comes upon a beautiful maid bathing: At least, that's what he thinks he sees, until the rest of her comes out of the water. Then, he just kicks her big, spidery be-hiiind. LOL, Gotta love those spider/naga chicks.
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