Hero Bones 11 Picture

The big sister that Hermes mentions is of course Athena.

This scene reminds me a bit of when I was nineteen or twenty and still lived with my parents. One night when I came home from my friend, my stepfather was lying asleep on the hall floor. "Okay... I don't want to know what happened here", I thought and stepped over him to go to bed.
The next day I learned that he had been out drinking with some friends from work, ended up a little too drunk and come home much later than he'd promised my mum. So when he came home, my mum was so pissed at him that she gave him a straight right. He fell down on the floor and obviously fell asleep there too.
The others in my family became a little upset that I had just stepped over him without even checking if he was alive. "But I heard him snoring", I replied.

I could do lots of comics about my family. XD
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