Roman Lady: Goddesses Picture

Screencaps from the embellished version at

For some reason my headcanon of Persephone/Proserpina (most likely due to :iconquantumwitch:'s Hope Springs Eternal fanfic) has always portrayed her as a redhead and thus she is one here. This particular take on her is based on what she'd wear as the Underworld Queen.

Athena/Minerva's clothes are based on actual references though perhaps the cloak could have been optional.

Demete/Ceres has the gold-green color motif to show she is a goddess of agriculture and that her special foodsource is grain.

Originally I meant to show Artemis/Diana only in underwear plus the robe, mainly as a nod to the Actaeon story (she curses him by turning him into a stag, condemning him to be hunted down by his own dogs) but in the decided on this instead.

Aphrodite/Venus was somewhat difficult to figure out color-wise and in the end I went for giving her a teal tunic as a subtle reference to her origins.
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