New Quetzalcoatl Picture

Ha! Done, finally. Completed in the snippets of time I get to do fun art these days. So here he is, Quetzalcoatl as awesome as he can be. Injured, just because that's how he is in Godlings, after Athena skewers him, but awesome nonetheless. And as I mentioned before, this is the body type I meant him to have from the beginning. Shorter and stockier. Plus the eyes are more the way I want them, too. (Compare to: [link] )

As this was meant to be a companion to my Tlaloc, I executed it in much the same way. BOATload of textures, of course. Let's see... ostrich feathers, burlap, rock wall, snake skin, corrugated sheet metal, geometric pattern, sandstone... oh, and trees, of course. 22 layers on this thing, don'tcha know.

The only costume item seen here that I would routinely leave off of him (in this newfangled version of Godlings that I'll never get around to drawing, I'm sure) is the headband. I still want to show that all the feathers are his hair, growing right out of his skull. Not a headdress.

Favorite bits are probably the tattoos. They're so relatively EASY. Least favorite, by extension, are the head feathers. Oh, and the gold. I hate coloring gold. (But... but it's pretty!)

ENJOY! I'm enjoying the fact that it's done!
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